About this Blog

The purpose of this BLOG is to set forth the God-centeredness of God in all of doctrine and of life. To that end, human beings must be stripped of their pride in order to love God with the love that comes from God. Human beings must repent of their self-centeredness in order that the God-centeredness of God may shine through them. The intent and desire of the writings on this blog are for the glory of the triune God who lives in perfect love of Himself to shine through all things. If we love Him with all of our being, our desire will be for that, as His desire is for that. So this blog exists so that His name would be hallowed, His kingdom would come, and His pleasure would be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If you would like to contact Richard, either leave a comment or send an email to richard@godloveshimself.org.

One Response to “About this Blog”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hi Richard, I thank God for confirming what He taught me by what you have to share here on God’s love for Himself as His glory and holiness.

    Could I have a list of the book titles or writings by Edwards that captures this?

    Thank you and may God use you to glorify Him.

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