Omnipotence: Meaning of Life

The link between God’s omnipotence in life and the meaning of life is a tight and vital link. At each and every moment we live there are choices going on around us by many human beings as well as ourselves. The activities of life that go on around us that have some determining power in what we do are too many for us to count in virtually every minute of life. For example, we might not know how the car that got to the signal light at the corner ahead of us got there in time to trigger traffic control switch at the light so that it could go but that we would have to stop. We might not know that it barely missed colliding with another car at the previous intersection. If it would have collided with the car at the previous intersection, it would not have triggered the light that caused us to stop. But of course if we had not of stopped at that light that would have meant we would have been right by the building where the explosion was. So who is in control of all the little things in life that prevent or cause other things to happen? Does God have all power to work all things according to His eternal plan or does everything happen according to the multiple contingencies of nature and human will? This gives meaning to life rather than chaos.

The naturalistic evolutionist, if he really thought about it, would be nothing but a bundle of nerves. Who in his or her right mind could actually believe that he has any control over anything at all if everything that happens is according to natural law or human contingency? While the evolutionists see nothing but the laws of uniformity in nature, the believers sees that uniformity is nothing but God in control and it is God that is immutable. While the evolutionists think that things that happen are by some form of accident or natural phenomenon, that makes life out to be absurd and meaningless. If we are nothing but the result of mindless laws that brought matter and energy together (never mind where those came from) in a way that mankind is nothing but an absurd accident in the universe operated upon by nature and thousands of contingent events headed toward utter extinction, then our lives on earth are absurd and meaningless. However, the believer knows that God created all things according to His eternal purpose and His purpose cannot fail because of God’s power to bring His purpose to pass. Everything that happens to the believer is intended for good and will work for God because God promises it and He has all power to make it happen. That is true meaning in life.

The world around us is either in utter chaos or under the hand and plan of an omnipotent God. All the storms that happen are not accidents and just things that happen, they are under the control of almighty God. All the events in the world happen according to God’s plan. They cannot happen apart from His permission because nothing can happen apart from His power. In the book of Job we see that the devil had to have permission to send the storm on Job’s children that killed them. The storm was directed by God. In the book of Jonah we see that the power of God was in full control of the storm that kept the boat Jonah was on from the shore. The Scripture tells us that God hurled the storm at the boat. When the sailors tried to row harder, the omnipotent hand send just the right amount of wind to frustrate the efforts of the sailors. God’s power means that all these things bring meaning to life.

Who is in charge of the events that happen to each person? God is because they could not happen apart from His power and all the “almost happenings” did not happen because He did not want them to. When people design evil plans against us, what has to happen for them to be carried out? God must will it for those things to happen or they would not happen. God is in charge of all things that happen to His people and He brings them to pass in order to bring true good to them. This power of God brings meaning to life in all that happens to us.

Who is in control of all the events in the world? God is in full control. He is working with power upon the leaders and governments of the world in order to bring His plan to fruition. The world thinks it is in control but it is not. God works all things as He pleases in order to make known His glory through the Church. While this is certainly not obvious to the world which hates the Church, God is using the weak to declare His glory to the watching spiritual realms. World events are for the sake of God’s glory through the Church and His power is thus seen. This shows how much His power has for true meaning in life.

God’s power is seen in the grace of salvation. The world is oblivious to this, but in reality the glory of God’s power shines in the salvation of sinners. It is an almighty and sovereign grace that takes sinners and transfers them from the power of the devil and the world and sets them in the kingdom of the Beloved Son. That shows that the power of God brings meaning to life and to eternity as well. What glory and what meaning shine in His power!


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