Immutability: Meaning for Life

How in the world (or out of) can the meaning of life be thought of in terms of immutability? I will argue that there is no ultimate meaning in life apart from the immutability of God. In fact, life is full of meaning in many different aspects precisely because God is immutable.

We can start with man’s created purpose. If God changes, then God’s original purpose might have changed. But even more, if God does change then He might have changed enough to where there is no longer any purpose for man. The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks the question: “What is man’s chief end?” We could get at the meaning of this by changing the word “end,” which means “goal,” to purpose. A modern version does ask this question in that way: “What is man’s primary purpose?” Both versions, however, are built on the assumption that the original purpose that God created man for is still intact and will always be the same. That requires God to be immutable for those things to be true.

But we must tie man’s assigned purpose in life with that of God. God’s chief goal or purpose is to display His own glory. He will do nothing and intend nothing without the primary intent of displaying His glory. As we saw in a previous BLOG, God is immutable because He always lives for and loves His own glory. He is immutable in His nature and in His character which means that He will always desire His own glory because that will always be best. Without any problem, then, we can see that if God created man with a purpose that purpose would never be at odds with His own purpose. Man was created to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. However, if God’s purpose ever changed we can see that man’s purpose would change as well. Immutability is necessary if man is to have the same purpose of glorifying God each day and even each moment of his life.

We have purpose because we were created according to the immutable purpose of God who does all for His own glory. Within that statement each person would be able to find purpose in life. However, not all believe that and not all have even heard of it. But that does not change the reality of the truth of the statement at all. That is the only real meaning a person will ever find in life. People do not find meaning in life in our day because they are cut off from the truth of who God is by the teachings of evolution, liberal theology, and even legalistic practices. We are not here because we are an accident in the cosmos and we are not here in order to live good lives or even legalistic ones. We are here to live to the glory of God and in that alone can we find true meaning. But this is only true if God is immutable and that we can know God. We may grow in knowing Him, but He is never different from Himself and so we can know Him truly as we grow in our knowledge of Him.

Believers may have comfort in the fact that God created for His own glory and all that happens to the believer is for his good which is to display the glory of God. The believer can go to the throne of grace in prayer because God and the Mediator are always the same. Grace is always grace because Christ who is grace does not change. The believer lives in communion with God because God does not change and communes with the believer through Christ who does not change. In fact, eternal life is to know God (John 17:3). Eternal life, then, requires both a quality and a quantity. Eternal life starts in this life as a way of life and it goes on through eternity in terms of length and quality. But if God is not immutable, then both the quality and quantity would change. With what joy the believer can look upon this shining of the glory of God. It means that the believer can know God in the certainty of His being and can know God in intimacy because God does not change. This will be true for eternity.

There is also much meaning for this life for human beings that do not have Christ because God is immutable in His purpose to shine forth the glory of His wrath and justice on all who do not repent. In other words, because God is immutable in His holiness, wrath, and justice all the actions, thoughts, and motives of human beings have far more meaning than they realize. Each sin will be remembered for eternity and punished for eternity for each person that does not have Christ. Since the promises of God are certain because He is immutable and cannot fail in performing them, each person will stand before God to answer for all the things done in the body and soul. Since the knowledge of God is also immutable, God will never forget even the smallest of sins that are against His name. This shows that the immutability of God lands with great weight on each person that has ever lived since it will be the same way for all eternity. There is an enormous meaning in the life of each person because the God of glory does all for His own glory and does that with an immutable purpose.


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