Examining the Heart 67

It is not, as you imagine, that His state in glory makes Him neglectful, scornful to poor sinners; no, He has the same heart now in heaven. He is God and changes not. He is “the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). He went through all your temptations, dejections, desertions, rejections (Mat 4:3-12; Mark 15:24; Luke 22:44; Mat 26:38), and has drunk the bitterest of the cup and left the sweet; the condemnation is out. Christ drunk up all the Father’s wrath at one draught; and nothing but salvation is left for you. Thomas Willcox

Oh how sweet this thought is for poor sinners who doubt and are in torment as they consider their sinful hearts. The Lord Jesus Christ is not neglectful toward you and does not scorn you, though that is for the poor in spirit and those who bewail themselves. Yet there are some who are so weary of their sin and their hard hearts that they are insensible, or at least think of themselves that way. But if you would think back in Scripture of how Christ treated sinners, you would know that He never had a harsh word or look for the poor sinner that was broken of heart. Christ was and is tender to sinners who were sick of sin in themselves. Christ was and is tender to those with broken hearts as all of Scripture testifies. It is Christ who binds up the wounds of the bleeding sinner and applies the balm of Gilead. It is Christ who takes away the guilt of those sins and gives Himself as the sinners greatest all.

The Lord Jesus was the Lamb of God and took away the sins of the world. Oh sinner, are you truly sick of your sin? Then look to the Lamb of God who is meek and lowly and He will teach you that meekness and lowliness. Look to the Lamb of God as taking away your sin and rest in His righteousness. While indeed He was perfect and sinless, yet He learned obedience through suffering. The living God who took human flesh in the second Person of the Trinity was tempted far beyond what you are capable of, yet He did not sin. In this we can behold His glory in not sinning and yet the glory of His perfect righteousness He gives to poor sinners who do not have any of their own. What comfort Christ is to those who will look to Him and not try to obtain righteousness themselves.

The Lord Jesus had many dejections, even being a Man of sorrows and grief. Yet He did not sin in His dejection and is able to strengthen all those who give up on themselves and come to Him alone. The Lord Jesus was rejected by virtually all, even His own Father while on the cross with Whom He had perfect fellowship and communion with from all eternity. But again, He did not sin and instead earned a perfect righteousness for His people. Sinners who are rejected by men can know that they have a great High Priest who was rejected far more then they, yet without sin. He pities poor sinners who are rejected by men. He pities poor sinners who are dejected and harried with various trials and temptations. He is not the wrathful God toward His people just waiting to pour out His wrath when they make the slightest slip, but instead He is kind and gracious toward them.

Poor sinner, Christ has drunk the bitterest of the cup and left the sweet; the condemnation is out.” Behold the glory of grace in this Christ Jesus and know that if you are in Christ all the condemnation is gone concerning you. The Father will discipline you and there are consequences for sin, but the wrath has been completely swallowed up in the sufferings of Christ. Oh sinner, look to Christ and Him alone! Sinner, look to Christ who does not expect you to do anything to please Him as such, but look to Christ who will come to you and will bind up your wounds. Look to Christ and know that in grace He must come to you. As the Father ran to the son in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, so the living God will run to you in Christ Jesus and in Christ you are embraced with eternal love.

Behold the glory of Christ having “drunk up all the Father’s wrath at one draught; and nothing but salvation is left for you.” Behold the grace of God in Christ Jesus and don’t look to your own sufferings and don’t look to anything you have ever done as having been the slightest bit efficacious toward taking away wrath from your own soul, but look to Christ who has fully satisfied the wrath of God for sinners. The Lord Jesus Christ has not left the slightest bit of wrath for you to suffer, but instead has left you nothing but salvation to have for all eternity. What can you do to pay Him back? Absolutely nothing! He did not save sinners for what He could get from them, but instead He saves sinners for the manifestation of the glory of His own grace. Our whole lives are to be lived for His glory out of love as nothing is left to earn for salvation and we cannot pay Him back the slightest. It is all grace.

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