Genuine Christianity Rare 25

Though the Lord will never remember the sins of a believer, to his condemnation, yet the believer himself will always remember them to his humiliation.     Sir Richard Hill

This is a great statement that ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the souls of people should remember and even stress. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, has taken human flesh and has manifested the glory of God in that human flesh. In that human flesh he has taken the nature of a human being, though not a sinful nature, and went to the cross as a manifestation of the glory of God. In that human flesh the second Person of the Trinity suffered the wrath of the Father and fully satisfied that wrath. There is no wrath left for the true believer and as such the Lord will never remember the sins of a true believer to the condemnation of that believer.

While it may sound antinomian to some, we must state it loudly and clearly that a believer has no condemnation in Christ Jesus. A believer will sin and yet to that sinning believer it must be preached that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. As the believer grows in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, that believer will also gain a keener and sharper sense of spiritual sight and will begin to see more and more disgusting things in his or her own heart. That believer must know that the Lord will never remember the sins of that believer even though they may appear to that believer at times as the unforgivable sin. The believer may have horrid memories of sin before and after belief, which will drive that believe to wonder if s/he has ever believed. But the Gospel of grace alone is for the worst of sinners both before they were converted and after they were converted. The Gospel of grace alone is for believers in Christ and not for those who are moral in their own strength.

While much of the modern version of professing Christianity has indeed been swallowed up by the world and there is no real difference between them and the world, there are also those groups who have terrible forms of legalism and self-righteousness. It is hard to even admit that one is a sinner in those groups. Those groups would look upon this particular post as nothing but antinomianism (anti-law) and be partially right. The law never made anyone perfect, but Christ has. It is true that I advocate that sinners are saved and sanctified by Christ and not by their keeping of the law in their own strength, but that does not mean that the law is worthless and that there is no keeping of the law. It is just saying that saved people are horrible sinners in their own hearts and that they do nothing perfect. It is also saying that saved people see more sin in themselves and their own hearts as they mature. But Christ saved them while knowing all about those sins and His blood covers those sins. It is also saying that the only way to keep the law is to have the life of Christ and His grace in the soul.

The Gospel of grace alone and Christ alone must be preached to believers and unbelievers alike. At times it appears to believers that they are drowning in sin and they need to hear the Gospel, though indeed moralists think that the Gospel is just needed for unbelievers. Oh the streams of glory that flow out from the Gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ and no one ever matures beyond that. There is no comfort for a true believer who is wrestling with his own wicked heart but the blood and righteousness of Christ. For those who are wrestling with their own wicked hearts and see even less than a mustard seed of love for Christ, they need to hear that their sins are never remembered by Christ to their condemnation. They are saved by grace alone and their sanctification is in the hands of our sovereign Lord as well.

Rather than blasting people who wrestle with sins of the heart, though that is far different than the worldly person who professes Christ, they need to see their sin in a way that humbles them rather than drive them to despair. They need to be humbled and broken and driven from all hope in self, but they should not be driven from Christ as if He wants nothing to do with sinners. True Christianity teaches that Christ saves the worst of sinners by grace alone and He is their sanctification as well. False forms of professing Christianity will teach that we must become conformed to standards of morality in order to think that we are Christians. That is closer to being Pharisaic than it is Christianity. God has left remaining sin in His people for a purpose and that is to exalt grace and to humble His people. While believers should flee from sin, they should also know that they will always battle their own sinful hearts and they will see horrid things in their own hearts on a constant basis though they may be externally near perfect in the eyes of others. This view is quite rare in the modern professing Church, but it is biblical.

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