Examining the Heart 82

Christ is too high and glorious for nature so much as to touch. There must be a divine nature first put into the soul, to make it lay hold on Him. He lies so infinitely beyond the sight or reach of nature. That Christ which natural free-will can apprehend, is but a natural Christ or a man’s own making, not the Father’s Christ, nor Jesus the Son of the living God, to whom none can come without the Father’s drawing (John 6:44). Thomas Willcox

We live in a world that we think of as nature, but the reality behind it, within it, and upholding it is spiritual. The professing Church has fallen into the devil’s trap and so looks at things from a natural point of view. In evangelism we present the natural men with a message that is focused on the natural man and present a natural Jesus of our own making and try to persuade men to pray and be saved. But the real Lord Jesus Christ cannot be seen or touched by the natural man, and so our evangelistic methods are false and deceitful and many are led astray by that method. When the professing Church gathers, we focus on doing great things of ministry and building buildings for the purpose of ministry and taking offerings and commitments in order to raise money in the name of this natural Jesus. Natural men are suckered into this and think that they are serving Jesus.

Yes, this sounds harsh, but that is precisely what is going on. It appears that a large majority of the professing Church is serving a natural Jesus and this is the Jesus that is being preached. When men and women are “converted” to this natural Jesus, they have not been converted from the natural man but instead they are locked into a religion of the natural man. The religion of the natural man is focused on a natural Jesus and it is always in the power of the natural man to do things for this natural Jesus. But the doctrine of Holy Scripture is far, far different. The true Jesus is not accessible by the natural man or any natural religion. This is one reason that so many denominations and different religions are finding ways to agree, and that is because they all believe in a natural God of some sort and/or a natural Jesus.

Interestingly enough, there is a natural Calvinism in the world today as well. It is very rational and/or intellectual. It is very moral, nice, and hates to be disturbed on any front. It wants all things religious to be very calm and controlled and above all orderly by its own standards. But true Christianity is supernatural. The supernatural will not be controlled by the natural and it is not always orderly or calm by the standards of the natural man. God will do as He pleases and He will not be controlled by the natural realm or the natural man. The living and true God will convict people as He pleases and a convicted person may cry and groan and even sob beyond their own control. The living God can and does change the hearts of natural men and gives them a spiritual sight of His glory in Christ and they don’t always sit there in a nearly catatonic position.

The living God works in souls and at times brings them to deep despair and at other times gives them a joy beyond words. These things are beyond the natural man and the natural man wants to explain these things by saying that they are fanaticism or perhaps emotionalism or enthusiasm. It is true that many times those accusations are true, but let us at least admit that when God comes into the human soul that natural soul is changed into a spiritual soul and that person has new capacities and ones that the natural mind cannot comprehend. God cannot be controlled or defined by the natural man.

The natural will of man which is thought of as the “free-will” has no ability to touch or apprehend Jesus Christ in His supernatural realities. This is not something that should be new, but it is an old truth which must be thought of again. The natural man must be born again in order to be a spiritual man and that is not possible for the natural will of man to carry out. The natural will cannot do one thing in the spiritual realm and so the natural will is not free to operate or function spiritually. The natural will is bound to the natural nature which is a nature of wrath. It takes the living God to put a spiritual nature in the soul by grace alone for a person to be spiritual. Until that happens, the natural man can be very moral (externally), very nice, and very religious. The natural man can build “churches” and buildings and see sinners walk the aisles and pray prayers. But the natural man is doing nothing but earning and treasuring wrath for himself and those who listen. The natural man must be born again and all the niceness and religion of that natural man is nothing by self-love working for self rather than the living God.

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