Revival Reports 1

A Report from Bath, Maine 1816

The first favorable appearance, in this place, that God was about to revive His work, was an uncommon flocking to meetings, attended with a remarkable stillness and solemnity upon those who came. The Spirit seemed to descend like a mighty rushing wind, and soon a general attention prevailed though the town.

Numbers went thoughtless to see the converts profess Jesus before men, but returned deeply impressed with a sense of their sin and danger. The preaching of Christ has been the power of God, and the wisdom of God to many, who walked in darkness, and saw no amiableness in Him who is altogether lovely, and the express image of the Father.

The aged, middle aged, and youth, have been enabled to come to Jesus, to cleanse them from sin. Some influential characters, and some in the lowest walks of life, have been hopefully born of the Spirit. Among the young merchants, the work was so remarkable, that it was often said, that all the stores had become meeting houses. In the time of this revival, all have seemingly endeavored to keep their passions within the bounds of reason, and only a few have made any noise that could disturb the most devout worshippers of the Lamb; and these were so overwhelmed with a sense of their exposedness to endless punishment, that they groaned under the weight of their sins, and trembled at the thoughts of approaching judgment. Deep solemnity has generally marked the penitent; and a holy smile of joy and complacency, the pardoned sinner.

Since the beginning of this good work, about two hundred and fifty have been added to the churches in this town


RS Comments:

1.  There was a stillness and solemnity among the people who gathered at the meetings.

2.  Those who were thoughtless received an impression of their own sin and danger. This should be instructive on what was being preached on during this time.

3.  Not only was sin and wrath preached, but Christ was preached. It is not enough to talk about a text during an exposition so-called, but Christ must be preached.

4. People must be enabled to come to Christ regardless of their age.

5.  People were overwhelmed with a sense of being exposed to eternal punishment and the weight of sin.  Surely they did not hear of these things during the midst of jokes and stories most sermons are full of.

6.  Deep solemnity marked the penitent and holy smiles of joy marked the pardoned sinners. Light-heartedness marks our age where people cannot pay attention unless some buffoon tells jokes or stories or quotes a famous person of the day. Where has the reverence and sense of awe for God gone in our day? It has disappeared as the glory has been withdrawn.

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