Charnock on Regeneration

A new creation is the bringing forth the soul in a likeness to God. The end therefore of the new creature is the glory of God. As God is the cause, so he is the pattern of the new creature, according to which he doth frame the soul; it is “after God, created in righteousness,” &c. Eph 4:24. There can be no likeness to God, where the creature dissents from him in the chief end. Without such an agreement, there can be nothing but variance between God and the creature. All the commotions and quarrels upon earth, are founded upon the difference of ends. God aims at his own glory, so doth the new creature; otherwise it were impossible he should walk with God, or follow him, as a dear child. It consists also in a likeness to Christ; his resurrection is the pattern, and cause of our regeneration; “Ye are risen with Christ.” What, to contrary ends? Did Christ rise only to live to himself? No; but to live to God, as the great end for which he was appointed Mediator. Did he design to glorify God on earth, and doth he live to dishonor God in heaven? No, he lives to the same end there for which he lived and died here. Our spiritual resurrection is not only a restoring us to spiritual life, but to the ends of this life, a living to God and Christ, and to the ends of his mediation. Surely the new creature cannot be so brutish, as not to mind the honor of that nature, to which it is so nearly allied, the glory of that God unto whom it hath the honor to bear a resemblance. A new creature hath a mighty sprightliness, and a height of spirit in some measure, when any thing in his hands concerns God, more than when it concerns himself; for his will being framed according to the will of God, is filled with an ambition for promoting the excellency of his name.                  Stephen Charnock

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