John Howe on Seeking God

John Howe: “We are to desire the enjoyment of God for His own glory.”
Comment on: Shall the Sabbath day, which is given by a thrice holy God, really be given to men just for the sake of men?

John Howe: “However all the acts and operations of true and living religion be in themselves delightful, yet apply yourselves to the doing of them for a higher reason, and with a greater design than your own delight. Other wise you destroy your own wor therein, and despoil you acts of their substantial, moral goodness, and consequently of their delightfulness [true delightfulness] also. That is not a morally good act, which is not referred to God, and done out of (at least) an habitual devotedness to him, so as that he be the supreme end thereof. You would therefore, by withdrawing and separating this reference to God, ravish from them their very life and soul; yea, and perfectly nullify those of them that should ve in themselves acts of religion.”

John Howe: And if this be not the thing, but merely self-satisfaction, which you chiefly have in pursuit under the name of delight in God, you beat the air, and do but hunt after a shadow. For there is no such thing as real, solid delight in God anywhere existing, or ever will be, separately and apart from a supreme love and addictedness of heart to him and his interest, as our chief and utmost good; which temper of spirit towards him, must be maintained and improved by our fixed intuition and view of his glorious greatness, and absolute excellency and perfection, and the conguity and fitness which we thereupon apprehend, that we and all things (as all are of him) should be wholly to him, that he alone may have the glory.”

Comment: The Sabbath day cannot be for the good of man unless it is intended to enable men to delight in and glorify God for the glory of God Himself.

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