Christ Preparing our Hearts 2

In the last post on this subject the point was made that the basic truths of Christianity must be taught to people. This cannot be said too strongly as it is the truth that God uses to renew hearts and bring people to Christ. The modern professing Church seems to be consumed with everything but truth itself. When it does that, it ceases to be the pillar and support of the Truth and to cease doing what a true Church does. Part of what the true Church should do and part of the truth it should teach is that each soul will spend eternity in one of two places.

Be persuaded that your soul is far more valuable to you than the whole world and there are only two places (heaven and hell) that you will spend all eternity in.

The unregenerate soul spends its time in vain things pursuing what seems to be good for it, but it is only good for this world. While it is true that many unregenerate souls seem to be pursuing God and eternity, their hearts are really set on this world. The soul that fails to be persuaded and convinced that it will only be here for a very little time (even if it is for 100 years or so) and then will enter eternity where there are only two places for it to be, fails to come to grips with reality. The soul that fails to see that if it is not born from above and joined to Christ (the only way of salvation) that it will perish forever in eternal torment, has failed to see or refused to see what is clearly evident. The soul that fails or refuses to come to grips with the torment in hell is living in deception.

While souls waste enormous amounts of time in seeking the things of this world, they are closing their eyes and hearts to what they are doing with their precious souls. The soul has been made to glorify God, but the soul wants to live for self and do the things for self. People are commanded to redeem the time rather than waste it on the pleasures of the world while they are treasuring up wrath for the day of wrath. It is incumbent upon the true churches to press upon people their souls are the most valuable thing to them and that they will either spend their precious time seeking things that will increase their damnation or they will spend that time seeking salvation or the Christ of salvation. There are only two locations in eternity and every person will spend eternity in one of those two locations. Not just a lifetime, but eternity.

Yes, this type of thinking will not draw huge crowds to buildings that have the title of church, but it is faithful to Christ and to the souls of human beings. It is not the type of thinking that will make men famous or popular in our day, but it will be part of enabling those men to seek God and His glory in truth. As long as people do not see the eternal value of their souls to themselves they will not seek eternity but will seek self in this world. This is to say that they will be deceived and so will walk around as if they are asleep or drugged regarding reality and will spend their time with vain and empty things and without being cognizant of it they will be treasuring up wrath for the day of wrath. But again, they will have a huge treasure of wrath for that day.

People waste their time with various kinds of books, television, and movies. They waste their time on magazines and all kinds of electronic devices. They waste their time with sports and many seemingly non-sinful things. But how many people will go to hell or heaven and wish that they had spent more time reading books of no real value? How many people will enter eternity thinking that if only they could have watched more television? How many people will enter eternity wishing that they could have watched more movies? How many people will enter eternity wishing that they had spent more time on their electronic devices? How many people will spend eternity wishing they had played more sports and have spent their time on seemingly innocent diversions?

The vital importance of how we spend time on this earth and how valuable each soul is to itself should be stressed over and over again. Sure enough a soul is saved by grace alone and quite apart from works, but still a soul that has been delivered from the dominion of darkness and evil and translated into the kingdom of the Beloved Son should have a totally different view of eternity and how to spend time than others. Watching the television shows and movies that stream out of Hollywood is a way to have the thinking of a person conformed to this world and give a totally false view of the world. Is this saying that a Christian can never do those things? Not, but it should awaken us to how we spend our time. How many hours do people spend in front of a television each day? In contrast to that, how much time does the average person spend in prayer, the Scriptures, and seeking the Lord? Do we really believe that each soul will spend eternity in hell or heaven? How do we show that by how we spend our time?

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