Christ Preparing our Hearts 21

Be persuaded that your soul is far more valuable to you than the whole world and there are only two places (heaven and hell) that you will spend all eternity in.

Certainly believe it, that heaven is so glorious, that it is worth all your care and pains be it never so much; and that hell is so dreadful, that you may reasonably fly from it with all diligence, earnestness and speed; that it is better you had never been born, if you should die in your sins, and perish everlastingly. What a direful screech will your soul give, if it goes out of your body into unquenchable burnings!

The Scriptures sets out heaven as so glorious that it cannot be understood in this life. We know, however, that it is to be in the presence of God and it is (as Jonathan Edwards described it) a world of love. It is a place where every single person who has Christ will be taken and plunged into an ocean of perfect love. It is a place where people are beloved of God, beloved of others, and all love God because He first loved them. Christ Himself is the light in that place. It is pictured as a place of eternal pleasure, joy, and a place where there is no pain or sorrow. We are told by Paul that the glories to be revealed are worth all the suffering and pain that we have in this life, but even more that the things in this life are not even worth comparing to the glories to be revealed. Heaven, then, is a place that should be sought no matter what. But Christ alone can open our eyes to give us a longing for heaven because Christ Himself is our foretaste of heaven in this life. We should seek Him to give us this taste.

On the other hand, hell is a place to be avoided at all costs and all pains. Hell is such a place of incredible suffering and anguish of soul that a person should flee from it with all of their might. Hell is the place where out minds will be opened to every terror of mind and the body will receive suffering for what it has done in life as well. It is a place where there is the absent of all good and all comfort, yet the presence of all evil and suffering. All the lusts of the body will be raging and yet never satisfied. The body will crave water in the midst of the fire and yet it will never receive one drop of water. The eyes will see the good that believers have and yet know that the souls in hell can never have one bit of good. Oh how the soul will be tormented with hatred and jealousy while knowing that it will never have one moment of relief of this unceasing and unmitigated wrath upon it. Yet people go on in this casually as if time was nothing but to be wasted and religion was an easy way to go about things.

It has been said that one spark from hell dropped into the soul is what men need to be awakened to the sobering reality around them, but it is also true that one drop of glory from heaven should awaken men to the glories there.
As the first quote at the top of the page says, “be persuaded that your soul is far more valuable to you than the whole world and there are only two places (heaven and hell) that you will spend all eternity in.” In light of the glories of heaven and the terrors of hell, no soul should do anything that is inconsistent with seeking the Lord. No one should do anything but seek the Lord for a heart that is prepared for Himself and therefore for eternity. While Christ has been said to go in order to prepare a place for His people, we must also know that He alone can prepare out hearts as His dwelling place. No human being can make his or her heart fit to be the dwelling place of God, so we must know that the Lord must do this work if it is to be done at all.

What will happen to the soul that will not seek the Lord for his or her soul to be made into a dwelling place of the Lord? That soul will learn by experience and a doleful and awful experience that it is better if that person had never been born than to die in his or her sins and drop into the flames of hell to perish everlastingly. People speak of depression in modern America, but in that place there is utterly no hope in the soul when the veil of this life is taken away and it sees that nothing but eternal misery is ahead of it. As the soul is in this unspeakable misery without the slightest hope of the slightest mitigation of its torment and it has nothing to look forward to but an increasing torment forever and ever, that soul will know by awful experience what utter despair really is.

If the sinner could imagine what screams will come from his or her mouth as it hears the words of the Lord to go away from Him into the eternal fire and indeed it is delivered into unquenchable burnings, that soul will wish it has sought the Lord to be freed from its sins, its addictions, its lusts, and anything that could be thought of as sin. That soul will have wished it had sought the Lord with greater intensity to flee from sin and the hell it deserves. It will wish that it had sought the Lord and spent its time fasting and praying to avoid sin and to have Him.

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