Musings 73

The nature of sin has been changed from days of old to become nothing more than a mistake or perhaps a moral failure at some point. Sin is really not so bad, they say, as they listen to the reasons and the psychologizing of the fallen heart. We flee from any hint that we might be bad or that we might be sinners, but in doing so we are fleeing from the truth about ourselves and of the Gospel. The Gospel is not for those who make mistakes and have a few failings, the Gospel is for those who are wicked by nature and that nature flows out in the life. In other words, the Gospel is for really bad sinners. We minimize sin in order to feel good of better about ourselves and what we end up doing is to increase our sins against God and our misery.

Sin is namely; a separation from God, a turning to the vanity of the creature, a staining of the soul, the death of the spirit, a snare of Satan, a loss of time, a deprivation of the grace of God, of virtue, and of everlasting blessedness. Sin is also a darkening of the understanding and the conscience, a corrupting of the will, a troubler of the heart and of the senses, it is a worshiping of idols, a denying of the faith, an exaltation of the enemy, a sweet poison, the beginning of damnation, the mother of many other sins, a short joy, a long torture, an eternal reproach, doubtless loved of the world, but abhorred of God and all good men; in one word, the burden of sin is unspeakable, its damage inconceivable, irremediable is the ignominy, unbearable the punishment.

If we really took the truths of the statement above to heart, we would flee sin regardless of what other people thought of me. We would flee sin with horror and disgust rather than just go on with life. However, we cannot drive these truths in our hearts or teach these things to our own hearts. We must seek the Lord to teach us these things or we will never truly learn them. We must have the living God awaken and instruct our souls or we will never truly understand the nature of sin and as such understand ourselves and our own hearts. If we don’t understand ourselves and our own hearts, we will never understand the nature of grace and of Christ and the Gospel of Christ. The Lord Jesus saves sinners and not just those who make mistakes here and there.

The point of coming to understand ourselves as sinners by nature and to come to grips with ourselves and vile wretches is not just some level of understanding to come to, but instead it is what must come to see is true of ourselves. With some they may have great feelings of conviction and sorrow over this, but others will not feel as much but simply lost all hope in their own righteousness. The good news about coming to grips with how awful we are in reality is that this takes a work of the Spirit to do this since sin is a darkening of our understanding and the only way to have light on this is for the Light Himself to enlighten us.

In a sense, if we follow the thoughts of the anonymous author above about sin, it (sin) is a turning from God to Satan and is a waste of our time on earth (at best). The only thing that sin can do is to bring a very short pleasure which turns into an eternal torment if not repented of. Sin can also bring the short pleasure of the honor and esteem of those who are children of the devil. Sin is not just an act or a mistake; it reflects the state of the heart and of the nature and loves of the soul. The soul seeks that which it loves, so the sinner sins in that s/he loves sin rather than God. The Great Commandment is to love God with all of our being and the soul loves self and sins for self out of love. Sin, then, shows that the soul loves self and things rather than God, though indeed the soul may sin and think that it loves God because of its darkness and because of its wrong ideas of God.

What is impossible for men to understand in the depths of their souls is that they are like Satan in loving self and doing all for self. Men will love God (in one sense, and a deceived sense) as long as they think that He loves them and winks at their sin, but in reality men hate God as long as they live out of love for self. The great idol of men (I-dol) is self and love for self. Men do all out of love for self and even their religion is out of love for self rather than God, though men may deceive themselves otherwise. This is, once again, the religion of Satan. He does not care if men are religious and sing songs of praise to Christ as long as they do it out of love for self and don’t know the true Christ. The spiritual reality is that men worship the devil in acting like the devil in doing all their religious acts from self-love. All false religion and sin is self-love and pride which is really the nature of Satan. Until those things are repented of, which is to say until God brings the sinner out of that wicked nature, nothing a person does in the religious realm is anything but the height of wickedness.


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