Musings 76

While this may not be politically correct, the real issue is whether it is theologically correct. Much of what is politically correct is theologically incorrect and being theologically correct is infinitely more important than what is politically correct. The issues surrounding the recent shootings in Charleston, South Carolina should be dealt with theologically and not just pass judgment on things in accordance with the news reports.

First, the most serious crime that the young man committed in murdering the nine people was his attack upon the image of God. The seriousness of the crime should not be measured by the color of the people’s skin, but the One that they were made in the image of. The seriousness of the crime is not better or worse because of the skin color of the person, but instead because he shot people who were made in the image of God. Regardless of the skin color of a person, all human beings are made in the image of God and an attack on a human being is in some way an attack upon God Himself. God does not have a body like men and as such He has no skin color.

Second, the seriousness of the crime is also not to be judged because the people were in a building that is termed a church. Indeed it may have been a historical building, but it is a building that is made of wood, metal, and perhaps some concrete. One cannot attack people in a church because in the Bible the Church consists of believers and Christ dwells in believers. A church building is where the church (the people of God) meets. While the media speaks of the murderers being carried out in a church, it was not. It might have been carried out against the church, that is, some being real believers, but it was not carried out in a church. Buildings are not the dwelling place of Christ, but instead He dwells in His people.

Third, we should not assume that all nine of the people murdered were Christians. While this little piece of writing is not judgment upon the salvation of those who were murdered, it is to say that the words of those speaking on the situation are not to be trusted in. People are not saved because they are black or white. They are saved because God elects to show grace to them. People are not saved because they are murdered by a man with terrible intentions, but instead they are saved if God saves them by grace alone. People are not saved because they were church members or because they were faithful at church for years, but instead they are only saved by grace alone. People are not saved because they go to Wednesday night Bible study, but instead they are only saved by the blood of Christ alone. People are not saved because they are murdered by a true racist because salvation is only by the blood of Christ alone and by grace alone.

Fourth, we should be careful about the deductions and statements people are making about God in this situation. God ordained this event to happen from all eternity and He did so for His own glory. God can show wrath when religious people murdered and yet He can show love when they are murdered. People who are religious on the outside may be quite wicked when away from the religious building and they can also be puffed up and proud. People who are very religious can also trust in their self-righteousness for salvation. But God is declaring His righteousness in this situation regardless of the people involved. God can still be a God of love while His wrath is being poured out on one person or many at any point.

Theologically speaking, there has been a lot of ignorance and heresy pouring out from Charleston, South Carolina. Not once have I heard anything that sounded remotely close to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace alone. While this was a sad event in many ways, it has become even sadder to hear the ways it is spoken of. God was attacked by the murderer, but now the true God is being ignored and the shallow, humanistic god is being exalted in His place. No, I don’t think that I am a true racist and I don’t think that what I am saying is even remotely close to racism. I am not writing against or for any race as such, but instead I want to stand up and declare that God is still on the throne. He was and is sovereign over the young man who murdered the nine human beings in Charleston. He was and is sovereign over the nine human beings who were made in His image and then murdered. The focus should be on God and His mind. If not even a sparrow can fall from the sky without His permission, then what does that say about Charleston? The issue should wake us all up is not race, the flag, or gun control. What should wake us up is that God is turning us over to hardened hearts. Even when He is screaming to us in cases of mass murder, our thoughts and words do not turn to Him in order to seek Him. Instead, we look to what we think of as societal ills as being the root evil. That is a great evil in itself.

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