Christ Preparing our Hearts 24

Be persuaded that your soul is far more valuable to you than the whole world and there are only two places (heaven and hell) that you will spend all eternity in.

Debate the case with your soul solemnly. What is there in sin, that I so much dote on? What are my greatest designs and projects in the world? Can I dig the pearl of happiness out of this dunghill world? Can I get the houses, lands, honors, friends, that I aim at; and if I should, what are they? Certainly conclude, the greatest wisdom is to be wise unto salvation; and may best work is, to work it out with fear and trembling, lest I lose it.

The Lord has told us to come and reason together (with Him). In the case above the unknown author wants men to reason with themselves. If we think through the situation, it is a wise question to ask ourselves as to what is there in a particular sin or sins that we are so taken with it. When we spend time meditating and debating with our own souls, this is one way that Christ may instruct the soul if we seek Him to do so. As we meditate we should pray for God to open our eyes to the true nature of sin rather than being deceived by it. Sin is deceptive, our hearts are deceptive, and the devil is the deceiver.

We should tell our souls that we shall die soon and enter eternity. In eternity there are only two places where we will end up and that will be our eternal dwelling place. In light of those eternal truths, what is in sin that I am willing to risk eternal damnation on? What is so good and pleasurable about sin in this life that I am willing to suffer for it for all eternity? What is so attractive about sin that it blinds me to the eternal torments that it will lead to? Does a particular sin really and truly offer me enough to suffer for it in eternity? If the whole world is not worth going to hell over, then why should I harden my heart in the pursuit of sin? If not, then I must tell myself that no sin is worth selling my soul for.

What are my greatest designs and projects in this world that I am willing to set aside the things of eternity for? Is any job or any salary worth going to hell over? Are my designs and projects worth the time and love I give them in neglecting my eternal soul? Are the things I am living for in this life worth neglecting eternity for? What do I hope to earn or obtain in this life that I am placing an equal value or even a greater value on than eternity? Do I love this world so much and my hope of gain in this life that I am virtually ignoring the great value of eternity? We must remember the words of Christ where He constantly placed eternal things over that of having the entire world. If I am placing greater value in my designs and projects in this world than that of eternity, even if I deny that in words, I am a great fool and am selling my soul at a cheap price.

Only those with the great peal of price will enter into the joy of their Master. But those with the great pearl of price will have sold all they had in order to obtain that pearl. But of course that is figurative language when it is said that they sell all they have, because there is nothing we have that can buy the smallest part of the pearl of great price. What it does speak of, however, is the nature of true repentance. It is in being turned from the things we have pride in and the things of self that we are said to have sold all. It is another way of saying that there is a narrow gate to go through and there is no room to get through that gate with love for the world and self. There is no room to get through that gate with pride.

It is also impossible to go through that gate and to sell all if I am in pursuit of lands, houses, friends, and honors. Even if I obtain those things, what have I gained? If I have not Christ, then I am selling my eternal soul in order to obtain earthly things that will burn. Perhaps I am seeking the wisdom of the world, but if so what will that wisdom do but blind me to eternal wisdom? What will all the honors of the world do but puff me up with pride and make me love the opinions of men? These are things that are contrary to the lowly heart, the humble heart, and the broken heart that are necessary to bow at the feet of King Jesus. We must listen to the words of King Jesus and ask Him to put them in our hearts as we meditate on Him and His words. If not, we are turning our backs on the things that can make us wise unto salvation and will pursue the things that make us fools unto damnation.

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