Christ Preparing our Hearts 25

Be persuaded that your soul is far more valuable to you than the whole world and there are only two places (heaven and hell) that you will spend all eternity in.

Debate the case with your soul solemnly. What is there in sin, that I so much dote on? What are my greatest designs and projects in the world? Can I dig the pearl of happiness out of this dunghill world? Can I get the houses, lands, honors, friends, that I aim at; and if I should, what are they? Certainly conclude, the greatest wisdom is to be wise unto salvation; and may best work is, to work it out with fear and trembling, lest I lose it.

The quotes above, though discussed previously, are wonderful as a use for souls to examine themselves with. One can take those quotes and with prayerful meditation have quite a quality period of self-examination. The prayer should include prayers to Christ to prepare our hearts for Himself, whether regenerate or not. Look upon this period of meditation as a means for Christ to prepare your souls rather than just another religious exercise for you to accomplish or do.

1. What is it about sin that is so attractive to my soul?
2. What is it about sin that I long to practice it?
3. What is it about sin that it seems to be part of my very nature?
4. What is it about sin that it so attracts my thoughts?
5. What is it about sin that it so draws out my affections and desires?
6. What do I really want out of life?
7. Do I have many things to accomplish for self or do I truly desire His glory?
8. What is the greatest design I have as my greatest love?
9. What is the deepest love in my heart in terms of what I want in this life?
10. Can I really find happiness in a sinful world when sin brings misery and death?
11. If my soul is spending its time and affection on the world, then isn’t that idolatry?
12. Is Christ my true and deepest happiness in this world and is my hope set on Him for the next?
13. If there truly is no happiness in this world, why do I seek so much from the world?
14. Why is my heart so easily deceived regarding houses and lands in this world?
15. Do I truly desire those things more than Christ?
16. Why is my heart so easily deceived regarding honors and friends?
17. What is it about my heart that it longs to receive honor from men rather than God?
18. Why is it that at the very least it seems that I fear men more than God and long to be honored by them?
19. Why is it that when I pray I want men to think highly of me and perhaps even more than God?
20. Why is my heart so corrupt that I am so easily swayed to become like men but fight being like God?
21. Why is it that I can be so easily swept into a worldly conversation and yet it is so hard to be part of a spiritual one?
22. The greatest wisdom is indeed to be wise unto salvation, so why do I want men to think of me as wise?
23. Do I really want to be saved from the power and deceptiveness of sin?
24. Do I really want to please God rather than men?
25. Why is meditation on these things so hard rather than delightful?

One Response to “Christ Preparing our Hearts 25”

  1. Frankie Cafazzo Says:

    These are excellently aimed questions. thank you.

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