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Samuel Eyles Pierce on Knowing Christ

Whilst I find a real heaven in conversing with Christ, and in conversing with you of him and his great salvation, yet I cannot go further than to speak words to you; it is the Holy Ghost who alone can glorify Christ in your understanding, and give you soul satisfying and heart warming apprehensions of his love. You must not look, my good Sir, to me for this; you must look wholly to him.

The knowledge of Christ is a vastly comprehensive subject. It contains in it eternal life; and a variety of particulars. I am myself a very babe in this. It is the utmost perfection of Christianity. I may truly here adopt the words of Jeremiah, who, when the Lord called him to speak in his great name, cried out, Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

Well, I will do my best; but who either in earth or heaven, can speak his worth? One says of him, His name, is exalted above all blessing, and praise, another says, His glory is above the earth and heaven a third, His name is as ointment poured forth; a fourth, His name is from everlasting. Indeed, the whole scriptures are full of his praise. His glory is beyond conception, His love exceeds all which can be expressed of it either on earth or in heaven. His work of salvation is most truly divine His offices are worthy of himself: such as none but himself can fill. His titles are most glorious; yet they add no honor to his person: it is his person adds honor, dignity, majesty, and glory, to them. His power is Almighty. His fullness inexhaustible. His wisdom is infinite. He is the head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all. He is the head of nature. He is the head of grace. He is the head of glory. He is the Father’s beloved: the beloved of his church: the praise of all his saints. He is their salvation on earth. He will be their glory within the vail. He will be their heaven of heaven of heavens, in the ages of eternity. What can. I say more? Will not this satisfy you?

Should I take upon me to declare his glories, it would then be necessary to set bounds to our conversation. His person is God-Man. His glory is as the glory of the only begotten of the Father. He hath an essential glory: he hath a personal glory. He is the head of his church. He hath the glory of it. He is the saviour of his church. As such, he hath a glory given him, which He wears and shines forth in. He hath a mediatorial glory. He hath a relative glory. He is the head of his body the church; she is his glory: so that He is the Lord of Glory. He is the glorious living Lord, who is the glory of heaven. The fountain of living waters. Their all in all.

Surely, He is altogether lovely; and such as have seen him in the glass of the gospel, must confess He outshines all description. He exceeds all on earth and all in heaven. All the perfection of the whole creation, and all the excellency which is, or can be enjoyed in glory, are but as a drop, compared with Christ. If you would have me to go over, and give you an account of his glories, how would you have me proceed? We must have some order. It is so necessary on a subject of this importance, that without it, we ourselves shall be losers. Think, therefore, and Say, shall I give his glory in some general expressions? Or shall I enumerate the same? that is, shall I say He God, and He is Man, God and Man in one Christ, and there leave it! or, would you have me give an account of what is contained in the knowledge of Christ, and how saints are brought to know him, and then close?

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