Musings 90

The arrival and continued presence of Pope Francis in the United States has caused quite a stir and even fervor of activity. Reporters that seem to be anti-Christian seem to be quite taken with the Pope and even gush with words like “His Holiness” and “great humility” and so on. It reminds me of Scripture in speaking of the anti-Christ when it says that the whole world was taken by him. Thousands and thousands go out to see him and push forward so that they can touch him or be touched by him or even receive a blessing from Him. If only people would seek the Lord Jesus Christ with the same fervor.

The Pope arrived at the White House in a Fiat rather than the usual large and nice vehicles, which of course brought the reporters to remark of his great humility. The Pope has lectured people on how we should focus on the poor and how we should treat immigrants, but not one word of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is, after all, far easier to touch or be touched by a Pope than it is to seek the Lord for a new heart. It has been reported that those who follow the Pope on twitter can get time off of their purgatory sentence. Several years ago, while being interviewed about why they were so eager to see the Pope, several people said that they would get years taken off of their time in purgatory if they were able to see the Pope and especially if they were able to touch him.

The Pope also spent time eating at a place where the poor and homeless were fed. I guess I am rather hard of heart, but that seems about as real as when a politician takes some photo ops at places like that. The Vatican has an incredible amount of wealth in both the amount of land it holds and in property, so it seems that if the Pope really wanted to help the poor he could sell a lot of that property and give it to charity. If the Pope really wanted to help the poor, he could sell off all the Vatican’s planes and vehicles and give that to charity. If the Pope really wanted to help people, he would preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than deceiving people about how Jesus loves all people and is nothing more then mercy.

As the world goes after the Pope and seems to be mesmerized by his every move and word, it should be clear to all with the slightest bit of discernment that if the Pope did preach the Gospel all those following him now would leave. This man wants to unite Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Catholics, but that simply cannot be done in reality apart from Christ and the truth of the Gospel. There is no true unity apart from truth and apart from Christ. The Pope would rather give Mass than preach the Gospel. The Pope appears to be more concerned with climate change than he is with the new birth or changing the hearts of men. The Pope appears to be more concerned with the appearance of humility than with true humility. The Pope appears to be more concerned his political liberalism than with preaching a grace that God lavishes upon His people.

Where are the spiritual teachings of this man? Where do we see Him preaching and teaching the Scriptures? What we see is nothing more than political liberalism and a man who loves it when the crowds come out to see him. He may be a man of some kindness, but he is not a man that loves people in reality or he would preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is not a man that loves people in reality, or he would be warning them of the wrath to come. He does not love people in reality or he would be extolling the truth of the glory of God in the face of Christ. The Pope is not here in a way that truly benefits people, but instead it should be clear that he is here deceiving people.

It is truly with great sadness that I have watched what I have watched and read what I have read the last few days. The United States is truly in a great decline, but this outpouring over the Pope shows that not only are we in a great decline, but that we are so open to deception. This should move the true Church to being to pray for God to keep us from this great deception and for Him to give us the strength of grace to stand against the downward spiral of the this nation as it moves farther and farther from the truth of Christ and the Gospel. If this does not wake people up, I am not sure what it will take. When we see in our own land the Pope spouting political liberalism, outwardly being ecumenical, and hordes of people following after him; we can know that our nation is very, very deceived. When we see the politicians and the news media just taken with the Pope, we can know that our nation is very, very deceived. We must have God or we will perish.

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