Great Quotes

That you are a member in Him, eternally united to Him, and are already clothed in the all-glorious garment of His everlasting obedience, and cleansed from all your sins in His most precious blood.

I hope the love of God’s heart towards you in Christ Jesus is a fountain of comfort and consolation to your mind, and that you are fully persuaded the love God, wherewith He loves you in the Son of His love, can never alter, change, nor vary. He has loved you with an everlasting love, and He will continue it to your person to everlasting. And though the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, yet His lovingkindness shall not depart from you, nor the covenant of His peace be removed, nor broken.

The Lord Himself hath spoken it, “I will make an everlasting covenant with them,” i.e. His people, “that I will never turn away from them from doing them good.” And this is our mercy, and our security. And until God’s word fail, you, who have been led to believe what the Lord hath spoken, cannot.

It will be your mercy to be refreshing your memory daily, with thinking and meditating upon the love of God the Father, and to be viewing the blessed revelation He hath made of Christ in the sacred Scriptures, and it will be truly blessed to be led by the Holy Spirit to mix faith with the word, and by believing to honor God’s record concerning His Son, and to be setting your seal to the truth of it.

Jesus Christ is most gloriously and highly exalted in the word. And it is the office of the Holy Spirit to exalt Christ and to honor Him in our hearts, but giving us to receive Him into our minds as our everlasting righteiousness, and our everlasting all.

To be considering what God the Father says concerning Christ, that His soul delighteth in Him, that He is everlastingly pleased with Him, and to be looking unto, and to be exercised in believing in Christ, viewing His righteousness to be that which makes us completely righteous before the throne; to behold Him as the Lamb of God, who hath abolished all our sin, and presents us before the Lord everlastingly cleansed from every spot and stain, this is blessed. Then we lose a sight of our guilty, sinful selves, and triumph over sin, Satan, death, and hell, in Christ.

Nothing can make us truly spiritual but sights of Christ, real discoveries of Him made by the Spirit unto us. Glory be rendered to God the Holy Ghost, it is His great and blessed work to take of the things of Christ, and to show them unto us. To glorify Christ in our understandings, hearts, and consciences, and to make Him inestimably and everlastingly precious unto us.

The eternal Three are engaged by covenant, promise, and oath to bring us to eternal glory. Therefore, when we are at any time dejected and cast down in our souls, let the cause be what it may, we may well rebuke ourselves, and say, “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God.” Al our objections, doubts, and fears arise from our own hearts, just as all the mist, and fogs, and vapors do from the earth. Blessed by the Lord, the bright rising and shining of Christ, the son of righteousness dispels them. Oh! How blessed is it to be warmed, quickened, healed, and comforted by the Lord Jesus Christ!

Letters of Samuel Eyles Pierce

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