Musings on Sovereignty 5

The late deservedly celebrated Dr. Young, though he affected great opposition to some of the doctrines called Calvinistic, was yet compelled, by the force of truth, to acknowledge that “there is not a fly but has had infinite wisdom concerned not only in its structure, but in its destination.” Nor did the late learned and excellent Bishop Hopkins go a jot too far in asserting as follows: “A sparrow, whose price is but mean, two of them valued at a farthing (which some make to be the tenth part of a Roman penny, and was certainly one of their least coins), and whose life, therefore, is but contemptible, and whose flight seems giddy and at random; yet it falls not to the ground, neither lights anywhere, without your Father. His all-wise Providence hath before appointed what bough it shall pitch on, what grains it shall pick up, where it shall lodge, and where it shall build; on what it shall live, and where it shall die.” Our Savior adds, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. God keeps an account even of that stringy excrescence. Do you see a thousand little motes and atoms wondering up and down in a sun-beam? It is God that so peoples it, and He guides their innumerable and irregular strayings. Not a dust flies in a beaten road but God raiseth it, conducts its uncertain motion, and, by His particular care, conveys it to the certain place He had before appointed for it; nor shall the most fierce and tempestuous wind hurry it any further. Nothing comes to pass but God hath His ends in it, and will certainly make His own ends out of it. Though the world seems to run at random, and affairs to be huddled together in blind confusion, and rude disorder, yet, God sees and knows the concatenation of all causes and effects, and so governs them that He makes a perfect harmony out of all those seeming jarrings and discords. It is most necessary that we should have our hearts well established in the firm and unwavering belief of this truth, that whatsoever comes to pass, be it good or evil, we may look up to the hand and disposal of all, to God. In respect of God, there is nothing causal nor contingent in the world.        Augustus Toplady

This quote, and those Toplady quoted, are simply magnificent. These set out a God that is really God. We can behold with what seems to be a breath taken away how glorious God is in perfect sovereignty. Not a speck of dust can blow in a person’s eye apart from His specific will for that dust, for the wind, and for the person’s eye. There can be nothing that happens apart from His will and apart from God’s purposes and plans. The world is not running on its own and it does not run according to natural laws as such, but instead it is in the wise and almighty hands of the living God. Each person does not walk, drive, or live in any way in a real chaos, but only what may seem to be chaos to a worldly way of thinking. Every event is in the hands of God and nothing happens apart from His will.

It is like a ray of light into a dark world to hear the biblical truth that nothing comes to pass but that God has His purposes for it. Oh how beautiful to know that there is not a single thing that can happen to us (His people) that is random or does not come through His hand of love. Everything that befalls a person has a purpose and it is God’s purpose. We may never know why God brings small or large events to pass, but we can know that His purposes are wise and good. We may know that the events may bring pain and sorrow, but they are always for the best and that is defined what is for His glory and His glory is what is best for His people.

It is so true in our modern world that there seems to be so many events that are random and are simply the result of blind luck or fate. How the world seems to be spinning out of control while the leaders are confused and seemingly have no way of dealing with things. Yet things are not out of the control of God, though they are out of the control of man. Indeed we may feel hopeless and helpless as we see wars and acts of terror in other lands and even in our own nation, yet while we are helpless in truth we are not hopeless. God is in control and His will must be done. We can have great comfort in knowing that God reigns, and not with a weak hand, but with an omnipotent arm. Stonewall Jackson (Confederate General) said that if God willed for him to be safe in battle he was as safe as if in his own bed. It was said that he was unflinching as bullets sailed around him. This is how the believer is to live as life unfolds in breathtaking fashion. Nothing can happen to us unless God intends it. After all, we are His whether we live or whether we die.

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