Musings on Sovereignty 9

The late deservedly celebrated Dr. Young, though he affected great opposition to some of the doctrines called Calvinistic, was yet compelled, by the force of truth, to acknowledge that “there is not a fly but has had infinite wisdom concerned not only in its structure, but in its destination.” Nor did the late learned and excellent Bishop Hopkins go a jot too far in asserting as follows: “A sparrow, whose price is but mean, two of them valued at a farthing (which some make to be the tenth part of a Roman penny, and was certainly one of their least coins), and whose life, therefore, is but contemptible, and whose flight seems giddy and at random; yet it falls not to the ground, neither lights anywhere, without your Father. His all-wise Providence hath before appointed what bough it shall pitch on, what grains it shall pick up, where it shall lodge, and where it shall build; on what it shall live, and where it shall die.” Our Savior adds, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. God keeps an account even of that stringy excrescence. Do you see a thousand little motes and atoms wondering up and down in a sun-beam? It is God that so peoples it, and He guides their innumerable and irregular strayings. Not a dust flies in a beaten road but God raiseth it, conducts its uncertain motion, and, by His particular care, conveys it to the certain place He had before appointed for it; nor shall the most fierce and tempestuous wind hurry it any further. Nothing comes to pass but God hath His ends in it, and will certainly make His own ends out of it. Though the world seems to run at random, and affairs to be huddled together in blind confusion, and rude disorder, yet, God sees and knows the concatenation of all causes and effects, and so governs them that He makes a perfect harmony out of all those seeming jarrings and discords. It is most necessary that we should have our hearts well established in the firm and unwavering belief of this truth, that whatsoever comes to pass, be it good or evil, we may look up to the hand and disposal of all, to God. In respect of God, there is nothing causal nor contingent in the world.         Augustus Toplady

If God is truly sovereign and the extent of His sovereignty is indeed to the extent and degree as the people above said, then things must change in the local churches and in our lives as well. We basically live in a Pelagian world with the thinking guided by man-centeredness and the works and efforts of men. The attempt of men to practice scientific thinking in many ways is nothing but the outworking of a Pelagian system of thought. It is to remove the true center of all true science and remove the true center of man and focus those things in other directions. We are inundated with man-centeredness in all areas of life, and that includes the professing Church. We have taken the concept of God (rather than the absolute reality of God) and have made Him useful to our programs and our schemes for large buildings and income. We have made pitches to men and women for them to donate and to commit themselves to the work for God, but we have almost forgotten about God at all other than to expect His blessings if we work hard enough.

If God is sovereign over every destination of the fly and every movement of the fly, then He is sovereign over every act of every human being. If even the lowly sparrow has every event in its life planned by God and sovereignly superintended over, then how much more does He do the same over men? If it is God who is sovereign over the dust and how each speck of dust rises in the wind or by a tire and then he is sovereign over its every motion and where it lands, then how much more shall His people have comfort that He is sovereign over them. God cares for and nourishes His Church and His people can know that the earth and all things in it were created by Him for His own glory. There is no need for the Church to worry or be anxious; it is right where it is because of the sovereign hand of God. Yes, we should pray and seek the Lord and His face, but we should do so knowing that we are to seek for His sovereign will to be done.

The people of God must learn to rest more and more upon Him and His sovereignty. When hard things happen, and they will and they will happen often, we must know that it is His sovereign will being carried out. We can know that there is nothing that happens to us that He has not brought to pass and it came through His heart of love. The greatest thing for His people is to be contented with His presence knowing that He is our greatest good. The living and true God is perfect in all ways and who are we to argue and fret about His plan that is made with infinite wisdom? Surely our comfort is not a greater good than His glory? Our hope is in Him and His glory in Christ and not for our own physical welfare and riches. Our prayers for our welfare must always fall down the list in importance to His glory, His kingdom, and His will. He is sovereign, we are not.

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