Musings 57

It is true that there is a huge difference between a professing church that is God-centered and one that is man-centered, it is also the case that fallen humanity can preach and teach in a way that is externally God-centered and do that for the sake of numbers and offerings in the desire to appear God-centered. That is to be God-centered in a man-centered way. It is also possible to be very confessional and Reformed and so on and yet be man-centered in it all. For example, regardless of a person’s creed one can speak of grace as centered upon God and His glory or one can speak of grace as all about man. The difference is huge and the difference is the Gospel as well.

Man tends to start with himself and think of God as being all about man. Quite the opposite is true, in actuality, because God is God-centered and it is only God is truly God-centered does man have hope. It is only a God-centered God who has all of His motives and loves within Himself that can save man by grace alone. It is only a God-centered God who is totally self-sufficient and has no need of man or anything from man. This God-centered God saves man for His own glory and not because of anything found in man or anything that man can do. This wonderful and glorious grace of the Gospel is all about God and is done despite of who man is. It is only this God-centered God that man can look to for salvation by grace alone.

The fallen heart of man is depraved and has fallen into the love of self as his chief and only real love. In doing this man is trying to be like God who exists in perfect love within Himself, but of course God is triune and man is not. When man loves himself and is focused on himself he does all things for himself and this does not allow man to truly be concerned about others. But when God (as triune) is focused on Himself in His eternal and infinite love within Himself, it is only then that God will do anything that takes man into consideration. If man is the chief love of God, then God is an idolater. Since God is not an idolater and loves Himself with all of His own Being, God must be a God-centered God and do all for Himself and His own glory.

While this may sound weird to some, this is the heart of Christianity. A god of a different kind could not have created all things and could not have saved sinners to the praise of the glory of His grace. Man must cry out for grace to turn him from himself and the idol of self that by grace alone he may share in the love of the triune God that is within Himself, for Himself, but He brings men to share in His eternal love. This is a God worthy of all praise and adoration.

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